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Facial feminization (t change)

The gender of a person can be perceived with a simple look at their facial features. Facial feminization surgery (FFS in English or CFF in Spanish) can turn your face into your best ally. Make other people identify you in the right gender from the first glance.

Any person can recognize from a very early age if a face is male or female, even long before learning what the differences are at the genital level. However, most would be unable to define what is masculinity or femininity, or has ever thought about it: the perception of gender through facial features is done with a simple glance, involuntarily and definitive

While some women with overly masculine faces can obtain a satisfactory degree of “feminization” by means of more or less conventional surgeries, many others must go deeper and alter the proportions of the facial skeleton (forehead, nose, cheekbones, jaw and chin). .

Towards the end of the 1980s, Dr. Douglas Ousterhout introduced the concept that the resources of cranio-facial surgery can be applied to solve problems of facial masculinity, just as they are applied to reverse the aftermath of an automobile accident. or a facial deformity from birth. Since then it is called FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery or Facial Feminization Surgery in Spanish) to a set of surgeries that recontour the bones of the face to achieve their feminization. In this section we explain what these feminization surgeries consist of, one by one.

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